Ross Harvey is based in Melbourne, Australia. He is an Adjunct Professor at RMIT University, and Editor of the Australian Library Journal from 2014. Until June 2013 he was a visiting professor in the Graduate School of Library & Information Science, Simmons College, Boston. Research and teaching interests focus on preservation and newspaper history. He has published widely in the fields of bibliographic organisation, library education, preservation, and newspaper history. More ..

reseaRch interests

Ross Harvey has researched into and published widely about the preservation of documentary heritage materials. His recent interests focus on the preservation of documentary heritage materials in digital format. More ... 

His interest in newspaper history is around three themes: gaining a better understanding of the reasons why and circumstances in which New Zealand's early newspapers were published; placing early New Zealand newspapers in the wider context of the imperial press system; and connections between the Australia and New Zealand press. More ...

Ross was part of the Cultural Heritage Informatics research group at Simmons College, and worked with colleagues to develop a Digital Curriculum Laboratory  at Simmons College.


Ross Harvey has developed and taught courses in many areas during his career. In Australia (at Monash University, Curtin University of Technology and Charles Sturt University) and Singapore (at Nanyang Technological University) he focussed primarily on courses about bibliographic organization and preservation, with research methods courses a strong secondary interest. At Simmons College he has developed courses on digital preservation and digital stewardship for both online and face-to-face delivery. He developed and was the first director of the Digital Stewardship Certificate online program offered by Simmons College. 

  12 May 2014